Roman Shades

Roman shades are sculpted fabric window treatments that you can draw using a system of cords that slip through rings sewn into the back of the fabric. This unique design gives Roman shades their telltale look when raised as the material lifts then folds on itself, coming to rest in neat, even stacks at the top of the window frame. While these shades have been around for a while, the Roman shades of today have cutting-edge features and modern fabrics and textiles designs.

Vignette® Modern Roman Shades and Roman Blinds from Hunter Douglas Near Fairfax, California (CA)


Though all modern roman shades share a common origin and lifting system, they can have different fold styles that produce a variety of looks. From looser folds with a relaxed sense of elegance to sculpted treatments with crisp lines and fine folded fabrics, the design styles for modern Roman blinds and shades are wide-ranging. Ask a design representative for details about fold styles from individual brands, how each fold style will work with different fabric styles and textures, and the specific features and customizable options available with the different styles.

Common Fold Styles

  • Classic Pleats
  • Soft Fold/Hobbled
  • Relaxed/European
  • Flat Fold
  • Front Slat/Ribbed
  • Waterfall


Since Roman shades are a fabric-based window treatment, the quality and design of the fabric are of utmost importance. Fabric choice sets the tone for the style and often also contributes to design features like light control. Fabric collections from industry leaders like Hunter Douglas, Norman, and Graber® include various fabric types from silks and natural weaves to embroidery and scientifically enhanced textiles. There is also a wide selection of colors, prints, patterns, and opacities to choose from, plus the additional option of adding light-filtering, room-darkening, or blackout liners. The seemingly endless material choices available allow individual homeowners to craft Roman shades to their household needs and personal design style.


In addition to the sophisticated style that Roman shades bring to interior design, the treatments also offer functional advantages for interior environment control. Homeowners can expect precise light-control, energy efficiency, and child-safe operating systems from Roman shades made by Hunter Douglas, Norman, and Graber®.

  • Light Control: Whether your room needs soft diffusion or room darkening control, Roman shades are outfitted with features to make light control easy and precise. From fabric choice to adding a liner, you can customize individual shades to suit a range of lighting needs with the unique combination of features and styles from Roman shades. Several brands also offer dual designs for their Roman shades, including a light-filtering and a room-darkening shade on a single unit. The dual design allows the shade to respond to a much wider range of lighting needs for an incredibly versatile (yet still stylish) window treatment.
  • Child Safety: Roman shades offer numerous design features that favor households with young children or small pets. Cord-free operating systems get rid of the strangulation hazard that loose lines pose to children. Motorized systems are not only cord-free, but they are also easy to use when your hands are full with kids. Select styles of Roman shades with motorized operating systems have intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, including a handheld remote or the option for voice control through synchronization with a home assistant or smart home program.
  • Energy Efficiently: Installing Roman blinds and shades in your home or business is one way to help improve energy efficiency, especially if choosing hybrid styles of Roman shades that utilize a cellular construction like honeycomb shades. Roman shades add a layer of insulation over windows or doors, helping to prevent energy loss through uncovered window panes. Preventing energy transfer helps create more consistent interior environments that are easier to control and require less artificial energy consumption to maintain.


At Elements Interiors and Window Fashions, you will find a wide inventory of Roman blinds and shades from industry leaders, including Graber®, Norman, and Hunter Douglas. By combining decades of design innovation and high-quality fabrics and textiles from around the world, they can create some of the best Roman shades and blinds on the market.


  • Fresco Roman Shades: Simple yet dramatic, the beauty of Graber® Fresco Roman Shades is the way the shade is both elegant with graceful folding fabrics and yet also sleek and chic with clean lines and precise design. Graber® Roman blinds are available in three different fabric opacities and four different lifting systems for precise light control tailored to individual windows and household needs.
  • Graber® Artisan Collection: With designer fabrics and exquisite style, Graber® Artisan Roman shades are refined and complement both classic and contemporary designs. They are hand-crafted from drapery-like materials, made in America, and available in numerous custom sizes for your home.
Roman Shades and Roman Blinds from Graber® at Elements Interiors Near Fairfax, California (CA)
Roman Shades and Roman Blinds from Norman at Elements Interiors Near Fairfax, California (CA)


  • Centerpiece™ Roman Shades: Elegance meets technological advancement with Centerpiece™ Roman Shades from Norman. The rich fabrics from Norman create striking window coverings with matching pillow covers available to integrate the style into your home décor fully. Norman offers child-safe Roman shades with cord-free and motorized operating systems as well as day/night shades with dual shade design. Finishing touches for Norman Roman shades include a choice of ribbon or edge bandings.



Soft folds and luxurious fabrics give Vignette Modern Roman Shades by Hunter Douglas their classic look. And yet, for every ounce of traditional style in Vignette® shades, there is a modern amenity to enhance the performance like cord-free, motorized operating systems.

Vignette® Modern Roman Shades from Hunter Douglas at Elements Interiors Near Fairfax, California (CA)
Solera® Soft Shades Roman Shades from Hunter Douglas at Elements Interiors Near Fairfax, California (CA)


An innovative creation by Hunter Douglas that combines the classic aesthetic beauty of Roman shades and the engineered efficiency of cellular shades. Solera® Soft Shades have all the environmental control of cellular shades such as insulation and noise reduction to create cozy and comfortable home environments and the grace of traditional Roman shades with a fabric-forward design presence.


Fabrics in numerous colors, textures, patterns, and prints populate this collection along with designer lines. Rebecca Atwood, famed New York textile artist, created an exclusive line of 8 modern prints for the Design Studio™ collection with her trademarked hand-printing and stamping techniques.

Design Studio™ Roman Shades Roman Blinds from Hunter Douglas at Elements Interiors Near Fairfax, California (CA)

Learn more about the beauty and performance of Roman shades by contacting the design team at Elements Interiors and Window Fashions. Let their expertise with Hunter Douglas, Norman, and Graber® Roman blinds help guide you to the perfect window treatment for your home. Elements Interiors and Window Fashions serves the communities of Fairfax, Corte Madera, Belvedere, Tiburon, Mill Valley, San Rafael, Sausalito, Larkspur, Marin, Sanoma Counties, and San Francisco, CA. Request a consultation today.